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GB3NF Nottingham.

AllStar Repeater.

Access GB3NF

VHF Nottingham

To access the repeater you will need an FM transceiver capable of VHF

Output frequency : 145.625Mhz

Input frequency: 145.025Mhz


Tone burst enabled: 1750Hz

Status: On-Air

Please note: In order to operate the repeater correctly you must have a -0.6Mhz offset programmed to automatically shift your radio over to the repeaters input frequency while transmitting – 145.025Mhz.


Network enabled full-duplex FM repeater system.


Full-duplex multi-port PBX system, enabled to connect globally to repeaters and simplex gateways across the world.


Half-duplex multi-port streaming system, enabled to connect to various EchoLink node numbers and callsigns around the world including repeaters. Apps are available to download for iOS/Android and Windows PC.


Simplex single port VoIP system which is network enabled to connect to IRLP enabled repeaters across the globe.

"Bowman GPO Telephone Exchange, Bath Street, Nottingham, first opened in October 1978."


Live Dashboard

Click for the SuperMON2 dashboard. A more advanced look!