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AllStar Repeater.

Network Enabled Full-duplex Repeater System.

GB3NF conforms to the latest technology in the internet era. A Fully furbished Allstar repeater with the addition of internet linked bridging via AllStar Link & EchoLink technology.

With the ability to link all over the globe, AllStar Link is the single biggest analogue amateur radio network in the world consisting of some 20,000 nodes. Nearly 30,000 radio amateurs are connected simultaneously around the world. With AllStar Link comes EchoLink, previously called iLink when first developed in the early 90’s. This by proxy comes as part of the AllStar package. 

The repeater often connects to the FreeSTAR Network which is an AllStar Multi-Mode hub. Node number 2196 will often be seen on the GB3NF dashboard! You can find more information about the FreeSTAR Network here!




AllStar, developed by Jim Dixon WB6NIL in the mid 2000’s  is based on the Asterisk PBX service. He developed the app_repeater plug-in and modified many aspects of asterisk to create a working fully featured multi-port repeater controller. After Jim passed away in late 2016 Steve Rogers WA6ZFT and a team of developers took over the project. GB3NF is based on a flavour of the AllStar project called HAMVoip. This is the basis of the entire internet-side of the repeater and has many capabilities of linking multiple nodes/repeaters together via VoIP protocol. For more information about AllStar Link & HAMVoip click the links below.


The repeater currently does-not support user control. If you would like to have the repeater connected to a specific node then please visit the members area or contact us to have a temporary link established.


Internet radio linking project IRLP was formed in the late 90’s as part of a project to link a few repeaters in Canada. This is one of the original systems along with EchoLink to mature into radio linking systems throughout the world. For more information about IRLP visit the website.

The repeater does not currently support IRLP directly, although there are bridges available through some AllStar nodes. Visit this link to see what is connected via the AllStar node list.



EchoLink® software allows licensed Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one another over the Internet, using streaming-audio technology.  The program allows worldwide connections to be made between stations, or from computer to station, greatly enhancing Amateur Radio’s communications capabilities.  There are more than 200,000 validated users worldwide — in 151 of the world’s 193 nations — with about 6,000 online at any given time. For more information visit

The repeater supports EchoLink by proxy of AllStar. To access the repeater via EchoLink download the app for iOS/Android or Windows PC & search for GB3NF-R, node number 564542. User control on the repeater is not supported. DTMF has been disabled. If you would like to access a particular node or repeater via the repeater please visit the members area or contact us.


Developed by Ty Weaver in 2018 the TGIF network is a rapidly growing DMR network. The network consists of user managed talk groups and user managed bridges from all different kinds of networks in digital amateur radio communications.

The repeater is connected to the TGIF network through an MMDVM bridge built into the Allstar system on the repeater. This bridge consists of an AMBE encoder/decoder built entirely in software. This enables cross platform communication from analogue into digital with 99% reliability. 

Please note the repeater no longer connects to the TGIF Network.

Digital? Click for more information about our digital repeater system.